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About TUL

The Lodz University of Technology is one of the best technical universities in Poland, educating engineers for nearly 80 years, which is the result of the work of several generations of highly qualified staff. The Lodz University of Technology ranks among the top ten Polish universities in terms of the internationalization index. According to a report by the Ministry of Education and Science, it was recognized as the fourth most frequently chosen university in Poland and fifth among the best Polish technical universities. 

Education, as one of the basic areas of our university, is still being developed due to the improvement of qualifications of the academic staff and the exchange of good practices between the international partners of the Lodz University of Technology. (  

The strategic goal of Lodz University of Technology is the continuous development and achievement of world standards in science. TUL research is dedicated to understanding the world around us and application implementations. Together with scientists from around the world and in cooperation with the largest companies, we conduct scientific research at the highest level, creating new technologies, and inventions. (  

The Lodz University of Technology has a uniform 37-hectare campus located in the city center, modern facilities, a park, and revitalized, post-industrial buildings of the former Lodz industrialists. ( On campus there are facilities for interdepartmental education, sports and recreation, entertainment and a variety of organizations that enrich student life. 

Recently, a modern facility was opened on the campus - the Lodz Sports and Educational Center, with an Olympic swimming pool and a smaller swimming pool adapted to training water sports such as jumping into water, synchronized swimming and water polo. In the sports hall you can also find a multifunctional room for team games, rooms for martial arts, squash, badminton, fitness and strength training, and a climbing wall. (